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Our paper on green Au complex synthesis is published in ChemSusChem!

January 17th, 2020|

Triols and triturations! Our work on the green and efficient synthesis of Au(I) complexes is published in ChemSusChem! Congratulations to Fredric, Ann-Cathrin and our collaborators, Andreas Orthaber and Paul Gates! This is is the first of several upcoming studies we are working on that address greener synthesis as well as Au chemistry. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Our Research

We invent new ways to make organic molecules

Organic molecules are the basis of all life and underpin modern society. They are in constant demand in medicine, materials science and many aspects of fundamental research. Unfortunately, the synthesis of organic molecules is often wasteful, expensive and toxic. We work to solve that. We develop new reactions and strategies to make the synthesis of organic molecules greener, cheaper and faster.

Our projects span across a range of different areas. These include inventing new catalytic methods for converting ‘unreactive’ C-H bonds, new ways to control the regioselectivity of aryne intermediates, mechanochemistry, organometallics, boronate chemistry and beyond. Our work is both fundamental and applied: we pursue the development of useful processes and building blocks for constructing as wide a range of useful molecules as possible. At the same time, we seek to understand the underlying principles of how these work. Our group also collaborates extensively with computational and experimental chemists, in Sweden and internationally.

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We are always interested in hearing from talented, passionate chemists who want to work on projects in synthetic methodology, catalysis, organometallics and related topics.
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Our group is part of the Organic Chemistry research program in the Department of Chemistry at Uppsala University’s Biomedical Centre (BMC).


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