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Jagadeesh Kalepu


Shengjun Ni


Fredric Ingner

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Matic Hribersek

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Swarna Baddigam

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Klaudia Kollárová

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Tobias Kaper

Erasmus exchange

You can read more about our group here, including about past members, and how to join us.

Our research in a nutshell

The world constantly needs new organic molecules. They are crucial to medicine, the development of new materials and many other areas that underpin modern society.

Unfortunately, making molecules that have just the right properties is often difficult and inefficient. Along with new molecules, the world needs new methods to make them in faster, cheaper and more sustainable ways.

Our research group develops such methods by combining several approaches. These include:

  • using catalysts to quickly add complexity and functionality to molecules
  • the development of new “building block” molecules that can be converted to a very high number of different structures in just one or two steps
  • developing reaction conditions that minimise cost and environmental impact

Our work is a blend of fundamental and applied science. For more details, see our research page and list of publications.

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