Gwendoline Delepierre

Erasmus Masters student (September 2016 – January 2017)

Chemical biography

Gwenn studied for her Bachelor’s degree at KU Leuven, where she worked in the The Renewable Materials and Nanotechnology Research Group under the supervision of Prof Wim Thielemans. Her project involved production and characterization of cellulose nanocrystals and derivatives. Gwenn has also done an internship at Cambridge University in the research group of Dr Silvia Vignolini.

She came to Uppsala University on the Erasmus exchange program and is working on a collaboration between our group and that of Dr Anders Thapper at Uppsala’s Ångström laboratory. The aim of Gwenn’s project was to use C-H activation methods for tuning catalysts used in water oxidation. (And, therefore, the ultimate aim is to save the planet!) Gwenn hasn’t saved the planet (yet!) but left with her head held high after fighting several brave battles against some recalcitrant pyridines. Her work built a solid foundation for saving the world at a future point. (We’ll let you know.)

After her project, Gwenn returned to KU Leuven to enjoy lectures on statistical thermodynamics and finish her Masters degree. In 2017 she “travelled 12 countries in the summer, doing random jobs like being a shepherd in the middle of nowhere in Italy and working in olive plantations in Lebanon” before finally finding her way to the Adolphe Merkle institute in Fribourg, Switzerland to start her PhD in the group of Prof. Christoph Weder.

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