Matic Hribersek

PhD Student, March 2017 – present

Chemical Biography

Matt completed his Bachelor thesis at the University of Nottingham where he specialized in organic chemistry. Subsequently, he did his Masters thesis in the lab of Dr Nicklas Selander at Stockholm University’s Department of Organic Chemistry, where he pioneered new nitrosoarene reactions.

Matt arrived in our group in July 2016, initially as an intern. His current research project concerns various aspects of catalytic C-H activation, organomain-group chemistry and the fascinating reactivity of aryne intermediates. Welcome, Matt!


From Masters work in Stockholm University:

1. “N-Trifluoromethylation of Nitrosoarenes with Sodium Triflinate
Angela van der Werf, Matic Hribersek, Nicklas Selander*
Org. Lett. 201719, 2374–2377


  • OMCOS19 Conference, Daejeon, Korea (25th-29th June) – Poster