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Information for how to join our group

A PhD position is available!

A fully-funded PhD position is available in the Pilarski group in the area of organic methodology development. The deadline for applications is 8th February 2021. Click here to find out more!

In Sweden all funded PhD positions are advertised publicly and the recruitment process is open and competitve. This means Lukasz cannot promise you a position in advance. When a funded PhD position becomes available, we will advertise it (we have to) on the Uppsala University website, on this page and probably in other places too.

If you have your own funding for a PhD or would like support for obtaining funding, please contact Lukasz directly.

Prospective postdocs

Postdoc positions for which we have secured funding will be advertised on our webpage.

Some funding agencies, such as Wenner-Gren, evaluate prospective postdocs in advance. For this reason, we are usually on the hunt for postdoc candidates with a strong CV (resumé) every September.

Alternatively, you might want to apply for your own external funding with our support. If you have an interest in our type of chemistry, a strong CV and would like to join our group for a postdoc, please email Lukasz.

Bachelors, Masters & exchange students

If you’re looking to do a Bachelors or Masters research project and would like that to be in the organic synthesis/methodology/catalysis direction, we’d love to hear from you. For opportunities, please send us an email.


Our group is part of the Organic Chemistry research program in the Department of Chemistry at Uppsala University’s Biomedical Centre (BMC).


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 lukasz dot pilarski at kemi dot uu dot se


Department of Chemistry – BMC
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