PhD position available

Start date: Early 2021

Deadline for applications: 22nd January 2021.

The project will concern methodology development oriented around C–H functionalisation and the reactivity of strained intermediates. The successful candidate will:

• have a good knowledge of organic synthesis
• have a strong sense of responsibility and a “go-getter” mentality
• have good organisation, inter-personal and communication skills
• be able to work in a group, collaboratively with people outside the group or on their own
• be creative, resilient, hungry to learn and not shy when it comes to solving problems

The successful candidate will most likely have a Master’s degree in organic chemistry or similar field (or an equivalent qualification). The position is for 5 years in total. This includes:

• 4 years time for research and courses (40 credits)
• 1 year total of teaching (spread out across the time of the PhD)

To you must go through the official Uppsala University page and follow the instructions there. The application process is competitive. Shortlisted candidates will be selected for interview. Candidates of any nationality are welcome to apply.


Our group is part of the Organic Chemistry research program in the Department of Chemistry at Uppsala University’s Biomedical Centre (BMC).


Department of Chemistry – BMC
Box 576
Uppsala University
75-123 Uppsala

 lukasz dot pilarski at kemi dot uu dot se


Department of Chemistry – BMC
Husargatan 3