What we do, in a nutshell…

We are a research group at the Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden. We invent and develop new reactions to make organic molecules in greener, cheaper and more efficient ways. These can be molecules used in medicine, materials science and beyond.

We’re particularly interested in developing versatile ‘building block’ molecules that could be used to make almost any type of organic compound that might be needed, in the fewest amount of steps and with maximum control. We also investigate the mechanism of our reactions – how they really work. That helps us gain fundamental new scientific knowledge and, in turn, the understanding to make more progress.

The chemistry we research…

Aryne intermediates


Arynes are extremely versatile intermediates. We develop new methods of controlling their reactions. We also use them to design ‘building blocks’ for making functional molecules in the fewest number of steps, from the fewest starting materials, and with the smallest possible amount of waste.

Organomain group chemistry


Organic compounds with functional groups based on main group elements – like B, Si and F – have many interesting properties. They can be installed directly, converted to diverse other groups, used to control reaction selectivity and more! We exploit organomain group compounds in new contexts.

C-H Functionalisation


We use catalysts, especially transition metal catalysts, to directly convert C-H bonds in organic molecules to more valuable functional groups. This makes entirely new transformations possible and makes synthesis much more direct. That means less waste and lower costs.


When a C-H bond is broken by a metal catalyst, a carbon-metal bond is temporarily formed. Investigating compounds that contain carbon-metal bonds is key to understanding and developing our C-H activation chemistry.

Funding and support

Support for our work comes from the following lovely agencies and people…