Our research in a nutshell

Organic molecules are the basis of all life and all aspects of modern living. New  organic molecules are in constant demand in medicine, materials science and beyond.

Unfortunately, the synthesis of organic molecules can be fraught with complexity, high cost and hazards to the environment. We work to solve that.

We develop new reactions and strategies to make the synthesis of organic molecules greener, cheaper and faster.

That goal has many aspects to it. It involves both fundamental and applied science.

Our strategies

  • We work on ways to react chemical bonds that were previously thought “unreactive“.
  • We are interested in developing innovative chemical “building blocks” that allow many molecules to be made from just a handful of starting materials.
  • We study our reactions to get a fundamental understanding of how they work. (So we can improve them, or invent new ones!)
  • We are developing greener conditions for reactions so that they are safer for people and the environment.

Specific projects

Our aims are:

  • to advance more convenient and sustainable organic synthesis
  • to invent new reactions for this and discover how they work
  • to