Our mechanochemical synthesis of gold complexes is published in Green Chemistry!

Shake, rattle and gold! Our paper shows that, whether you start from a C–H or a C–B bond, you don't need solvent or long reaction times to get an aryl-Au(I) complex – even with a bioactive molecule. Congrats to Fredric, Zachary and Sebastian who have literally been grinding out these results!

2020-08-12T12:26:18+00:00August 11th, 2020|publications|

Our paper on green Au complex synthesis is published in ChemSusChem!

Triols and triturations! Our work on the green and efficient synthesis of Au(I) complexes is published in ChemSusChem!  Congratulations to Fredric, Ann-Cathrin and our collaborators, Andreas Orthaber and Paul Gates! This is is the first of several upcoming studies we are working on that address greener synthesis as well as Au chemistry. Keep your eyes peeled!

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